Our Approach

Proactive & Interactive



Our customized approach means that collaboration with clients begins with the product development phase, where we proactively communicate with our clients and co-develop a prototype with them.

We then strategize the most suitable production solution based on specifications of the project. Adopting a holistic approach means planning production far ahead. This involves reengineering workflow and subsequently manufacturing tailored tools to fulfill specific production requirements.


Redefining Metal Pieces

The very purpose of our R&D division is to constantly explore novel techniques to enhance the mechanical as well as aesthetical properties of metal pieces.

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For that reason, having a world-class laboratory is a prerequisite. We utilize data collected from rigorous experiments, striving to find the optimal parameters in creating the unique metal profile.

Our recent breakthrough in nitriding technique has allowed us to manipulate metal properties, such as hardening metal surfaces for increased durability.

Bending The Curve

Creating the perfect metal profile sometimes requires us to discard traditional chronological production processes and take on a simultaneous approach.

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Our in-house capabilities have enabled us to retrofit machines in order to create the necessary conditions for a unique metal profile. Furthermore, we build machines that integrate tasks. Whether it be special curves on a ginormous metal piece, or bezels on a tiny metal surface, we always innovate to identify a customized solution.

The Golden Color

Executing our clients’ vision is an iterative process…

How we perceive specific color is far more complicated than it seems. Factors like texture, finishing – no matter how small the variance is – are sufficient to alter the character of the resulting color. Consequently, illustrating client ideas via color choice is a challenging creative process, because there is always a myriad of possibilities.

We first identify a spectrum of the envisioned color, and then generate a defined color matrix in order to fine tune it to the “golden color”.

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