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How Do We Deliver Precision

Our Business

How Do We Deliver Precision


Witnessing the boundless and ceaseless development of information technology, we came to realise the importance of redefining precision through innovation and adopting cutting edge technologies.

Nowadays, we specialise in the fabrication of different materials including stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, silicon, etc. Our parts are widely applied in the production of smartphones, wearable devices and other consumer electronic products.


To achieve multi-functional and high-performance tech products, stringent standards of mechanical precision are a prerequisite.

We regard mechanical precision as the accurate conformity to specifications. Take an all-in-one smartwatch as an example – fitting all functions into one small compartment requires precision in all aspects (such as dimensions and finishing). We have incorporated new methods of material science that allow us to create parts that contribute to high-grade water resistance and dust resistance, consequently improving battery life of final products.


Aesthetics, other than functionality, has been something we deeply care about – so much that we treat each metal part as an art piece. We aim to deliver aesthetically pleasing items that are replicable with absolute consistency.

Anodization has been an area we have heavily invested on due to the improved mechanical properties as well as cosmetic effects it brings to metals when handled precisely. Our breakthroughs in the application of micro-arc oxidation have enabled us to attain multiple colors and finer texture on delicate metal surfaces. Additionally, such innovative surface treatment also creates coatings that yield higher wear resistance. Our sophisticated anodizing techniques, together with our comprehensive color and gloss databases, have opened up a myriad of design possibilities. In addition, during the prototyping phase, we sometimes experiment on novel colors that actualize clients’ creative concepts.

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The creation of our own robotic designs facilitates automation and thereby adds value to the production flow at the right spot, in the right way.
Our mechanical department designs not only complementary mechanical parts that enhance existing procedures, but also self-serving machineries performing specific tasks that fill production gaps. Even more so, we invent machineries that integrate multiple production procedures in order to accomplish ceaseless transition between tasks. By transforming our production lines from job shops to flow shops, we have successfully streamlined operational procedures by expediting processes and mitigating downtime.

The Power of Data

The emergence of artificial intelligence, coupled with the proliferation of data, has allowed us to come up with more precise production plans.

For instance, we utilise SAP as an enterprise resource planning platform. Data portals are set up across machines covering the entire manufacturing cycle. Some of our latest self-invented machines equipped with sensors and machine learning the capabilities are further installed where production data are collected real-time, and hence analysis is only a button away. This enables us to dissect the quality control process into milestone checks so that deviations are spotted and rectified as early as possible. Going forward, we are looking into developing systems with capacity to self-learn, further utilizing data entries to facilitate production decision making.

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